Christine Forsythe

Canadian author and graphic designer. She has written a number of books for the Lorimer Sports Stories series, a library of teen sports stories written by various authors. A few of the books in this library feature equine sports but of Ms. Forsythe's books in the series, only one does so. It is, fairly unusually, a barrel racing story.

I have added a web page on the equine titles from the
Lorimer Sports library which you can visit via the links section and there is also a link to the full list of titles in the series, including non-pony.

Pony Books:

Issued in hardback and paperback.
Part of the
Lorimer Sports Stories series.
SUMMARY: Teen barrel racing story. Kate wants to do well in the barrel racing competition at the upcoming rodeo and hopes to ride Fudge. But when her older brother commandeers Fudge for himself to ride in the competition she has to quickly find a new mount!

Collector's Info:
Although not particularly common outside of Canada, there are copies to be had in the USA and UK and they are usually fairly low cost.